What’s on my desk

by Jennifer Derrig

Fortunately or unfortunately during this crazy time we are living in, most of us now work from home more often. For me, actually my entire family is working from home more frequently these days especially with college going remote. This creates a multitude of other issues that go beyond the WiFi struggle. When remote college is in session it’s like living in a library being Shh-ed constantly by some young adult. As a result of the pandemic I now spend more and more time at home doing everything from designing new jewelry collection, writing website, and blog content, working on social media campaigns to preparing business taxes. Admittedly sometimes more home work desk is in my yard among my garden to avoid the college student lecture on silence. I guess things could be much worse. Because of this, my workspace has to be portable because it is constantly changing and probably a little chaotic at times. Holding the clutter at bay is challenging, so I prefer to keep nearby only a few quality items that serve multiple purposes over a stockpile of things I might never need.

I keep a ruler and small pencil case with a few pens, high lighters, mechanical pencils, and eraser. I also have my planner and and a small note book. My kindle is always charged and near by encase I need to download a book for research. I also started using an external portable hard drive for all my image files. My most favorite thing has to be my lined sticky note pad. I think I’d be lost without my sticky notes.

Aside from the basic cell phone and charger I have learned the extremely hard way to have a securely cover beverage container. Even my coffee cup has a lid. I’m constantly multi tasking and always knocking things over. Just because I’m working from doesn’t mean I stop being mom. I’m still the head house keeper, chauffeur and cook.

Working from home isn’t always easy. Just be flexibly and mobile so carry light.


Published by Jennifer Derrig

Experienced Jewelry Company Owner and Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry and eCommerce. Skilled in Trend Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Luxury Goods, Content Writing, Blogging and Copy-writing. Strong professional with a Associate’s Degree focused in Metal and Jewelry Arts from Fashion Institute of Technology.

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