Why Sterling Silver May Turn Your Finger Green?

If a person has a natural high acidity level in his/her skin, it is possible for his/her finger to “turn green” from  jewelry or gold jewelry, or for silver jewelry to blacken especially when the weather is hot and humid. The green is actually caused by oxidation, and all silver will oxidize (it’s also whatContinue reading “Why Sterling Silver May Turn Your Finger Green?”

What Does Gold Karat Mean? – What is Karat Gold?

Jewelry Care , Blog , Education karat meaning , gold jewelry , gold What is Karat Gold? Karat Gold refers to a standardized industry unit of measurement regarding the percentages of metal alloy added to pure to to either strengthen it, decrease gold caratage to reduce costs or change it’s color. This World Gold CouncilContinue reading “What Does Gold Karat Mean? – What is Karat Gold?”

Brief History of Gold Jewelry

Gold and gold jewelry has been a treasured commodity throughout ancient history. The first historical evidence of gold jewelry in a society occurred in ancient Egypt around 3,000 B.C. Gold was a highly valued metal that was easy to work with in its purest form. Gold was treasured in Egyptian mythology. Gold and gold jewelryContinue reading “Brief History of Gold Jewelry”